Side Street// “The (other) F word”

In the beginning, I hated Twitter.

Ok. Who are we kidding? I’m still not a fan of it. 140 character limit? It aggravates me when I “retweet” or “tag” another member like “@namethatistoolongitusesallthespace” that I only have room for lol. Well guess what, Twitter? I’m not laughing out loud. I’m pyotsl. Yeah. You don’t even know what that means, do you? STOP LIMITING ME!

Yes, that outburst was necessary.

But despite the exasperation that I feel for “Birdies R’ Us”, I cannot deny the varying and interesting articles that it has introduced to me. For instance, the article written in CNN’s Eatocracy, “Chefs and the (other) F word”, gave a surprising and provoking perspective on that continuously ambivalent word, “Foodie”.  The article, written by Jennifer Wolfe, relates the opinions of chefs and restauranteurs in regards to their struggle with these ardent lovers of food. Interestingly, the article defines “Foodie” with the Merriam-Webster definition as “…a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads”. Not a definition I quite agree with but necessary for the support that was to follow, a food fight between the creators and the consumers. The chefs definitely did not sugar coat their dislike for foodies as they branded them as fools that would buy anything with varnish. Even the mildest form of insult referred to foodies as “mostly tolerable” and “a necessary evil.” But once again, I feel like the word Foodie is being misused by a small minority of idiots that ruin it for the rest of us. It is imperative that a distinction should be made between foodies (those that enjoy all food and wish to learn about every aspect of it) and food elitists/snobs or, as Jason Sheehan from Seattle Weekly lovingly refers to them,

…coup-counting, lock-jawed, cake-eating, nose-in-the-air dimwits who, with sticks planted firmly in their flabby asses will make their weekly cruise out to the hottest addresses in town, get weak little culinary boners over year-dead trends, focused-grouped Frog-humping menus and anyone doing New American comfort food or French-Asian fusion in million-dollar spaces.


I do agree that there are some “Foodies” that make you want to showcase your private knife collection. But let’s not get rid of the entire bushel of apples because of a few bad ones. It’s time to take back the word and redefine it as “lovers of all food”. Not just what’s popular. Not just what’s en vogue. Not just the classics or the traditional. Not just the normal or the exotic. BUT ALL FOOD.

My name is backstrEATs and I adore all food! I am a FOODIE!

Until next time, my lovely friends, EAT ON <3


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